Opening New Markets and New Countries
Broadening a Company’s Revenue Stream

Young & Associates assists middle-market and smaller size companies and organizations diversify their revenue stream by growing their businesses through expansion overseas and into markets that often present greater growth opportunities than the organization’s home market. There are of course a variety of ways in which an organization can expand into foreign markets. Following are some of the ways in which Y&A can help companies grow through expansion.

I.  Exports to a target country or market

II.  Formation of a New Subsidiary in a target market

Number I and II above should be defined by product or service and a direction recommended after the necessary data gathering, analysis of data and options are detailed and evaluated for the client.

This methodology creates checkpoints at the beginning of the project to make sure there is enough information in the Evaluation of the Market to move forward to an Action Plan. Phases I and II of the Work Plan are designed to make this validation.

III.  Acquisition of an existing business in a target country

Analysis of the data provided in I and II above may indicate that Acquisition of a local company may be a better option for the initiating company when entering a foreign market. As this determination is made or this course of action is chosen, the Objectives and therefore the Work Plan will be quite different from that of I and II.

IV.  Development of a Joint-Venture

JVs are not pursued sometimes as the initiating company often wants to control their operations exclusively or as an initial majority shareholder. Conversely, there are strategic reasons that JVs can work well for newly arrived companies, particularly if they have a business plan and strategic view to where such an arrangement is in their interest over the medium to long term.

V.  Development of local Manufacturing capability

Acquisition of a local in-country manufacturing facility or construction of a new facility may be in the interests of a company with a dedicated strategy of long term growth and expansion in a local market and/or export from that market.

VI.  Formation of a Licensing arrangement

A licensing arrangement may be an option for a company with a well known brand name or a product with a particular competitive advantage.

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